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Periodontics A Complement To Orthodontics

Periodontics: A Complement To Orthodontics

The periodontium is the set of supporting tissues of the teeth. Its etymology comes from the Greek para meaning “around” and odontos (tooth). It consists of all of the tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth. He understands:
• the alveolar bone (A) of the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw),
• the periodontal (L) or dento-alveolar ligament which unites the root of the tooth to the alveolar bone which surrounds it,

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Baby teeth are not useless, they reveal how children will behave in the future

Baby Teeth Are Not Useless, They Reveal How Children Will Behave In The Future

The Massachusetts General Hospital researcher Erin Dunn is a Perez Mouse with a white coat and a strange idea in his head. “The scientific community has been trying for decades to identify people at risk of developing a mental health problem in the future, especially children. Imagine if teeth were the first step in unveiling the mystery,” explains the scientist, who is convinced that the mouths of the little ones hide evidence that would allow them to get ahead of these problems.

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What to Do In Case Of Gingivitis?

Your role is essential to limit or even stop the progression of gingivitis. Quality oral hygiene and follow-up are essential. Here are some tips to curb the development of gum disease. This will prevent gingivitis from progressing to periodontitis:

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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Many questions arise when you hear about facial rejuvenation. For example: Does it always require surgery? Could I improve without surgery? What treatments are available? Which would be the best and most appropriate for me?

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